8 Tricks That Will Help You Control Your Body

Within an hour, you hold a very important meeting, but headaches also follow. You sit in the dentist’s chair and your stomach suddenly decides to resist. These problems can severely disrupt your daily life, especially if you do not have any medicines on hand. Fortunately, there are many useful tips that can help you cope and control your body quickly.

Bright Side brings together 11 useful techniques that will have a surprising effect on your body.

The information provided in this article is for information only. Please consult an expert before trying any of these tips.

1. Treat a headache by massaging your big toe.

Why it works: The big toe has a head reflection area on the top, sides and bottom. If you massage these areas, it may reduce the pressure on the head and neck.

2. Calm your nerves by blowing on your thumb.

Why it works: When you try to exhale through an almost obstructed airway, intrapleural pressure increases. This stimulates the vagus nerve that controls your heart rhythm. Another reason this technique may be useful to you-the thumb has its own pulse, so when you blow the thumb, it will also affect your overall pulse.

3.Soothe a tickling throat by scratching your ear.

Why it works: When the nerve in your ear is stimulated, it will reflex in your throat, causing muscle spasms. This muscle cramp can relieve itching in the throat.

4. Turn off your gag reflex by squeezing your left thumb.

Why it works: Applying pressure to specific points on the palm of your hand will greatly reduce gag reflexes. One of the easiest ways is to use your thumb to clench your fist.

5. Stop a nosebleed by pressing on your upper gums.

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Why it works: It’s believed that putting pressure on your gums can block the artery that supplies blood to your nose.

6. Relieve a headache by putting your hands under cold water.

Why it works: Low temperature can tighten your blood vessels and reduce their stress on nerves. It works best in your hands because their nerves are closely related to your brain.

7. Deal with fear of needles by coughing.

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Why it works: Coughing can distract the brain. It will also temporarily increase your blood pressure, which helps you reduce pain.

8. Make your toothache disappear by putting an ice cube on the back of your hand between your index finger and your thumb.

Why it works: This part of your hand is filled with neural pathways that pass pain signals to your brain, and cold temperatures can prevent these signals.

Do you know any other useful body hacks? Let’s continue the list together in the comments!

source : www.brightside.me