A man swallows live snakes to treat constipation: This is what happened to him

A man was left in soreness after swallowing two stay snakes in a determined try and treat constipation and prostatitis.

An unidentified fifty one-12 months-old guy claimed to have found out of self-medicinal drug advice from a people treatment by means of consuming eels remaining week, which will cure constipation. However, he become transferred to Jiangsu hospital of Chinese language medication, in eastern China, the following day after his family discovered him with a said seizure and extreme stomach pain.

Dr. Solar Haigian, deputy head of popular surgical treatment at the health center, said the patient had signs and symptoms of intestinal rupture and acute peritonitis, mentioning the British replicate newspaper.

Haitian noted that the snake had ruptured the person’s gut and submerged his stool, causing critical damage. In which CT scans discovered the web sites of the snake, in which they have been between its important organs around the digestive system.

The deputy head of trendy surgical procedure at the health facility delivered: “all through the surgical treatment we observed a massive quantity of stool water mixed with blood, there was severe swelling, and we observed very thick swamp snakes at the lowest of the belly cavity, and there was also a hollow within the colon approximately 2 cm lengthy. It precipitated infection and shocked his frame. “