A Russian millionaire works for Delivery to get rid of the Corona virus boredom

How do millionaires resist boredom?

While many around the world are suffering from losing their jobs due to the Corona crisis, the 38-year-old Russian millionaire Sergei Notchovnyi has not affected his business due to the Corona crisis, but he felt bored and bored with staying at home due to the closure of the Coronavirus. This made him decide to work in-home delivery, which is a low-paying job of course, but it provides him with the physical activity that he aspires to get rid of boredom.

This work will also allow him to look at life from another angle, and to go outside in the open air amid restrictions on movement.

The Russian authorities had ordered most of the residents of the capital, Moscow, who do not work in vital industries, to stay at home in an attempt to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, and they are only allowed to visit neighboring shops and pharmacies, and this closure has increased the demand for delivery services.

Russian millionaire Notchovny said he walks an average of 20 kilometers a day while he works on food delivery.

The millionaire, who returned to Russia last year after spending 12 years in China, said that now he earns 1,500 rubles ($ 13-20) a day as a delivery man, while he used to earn from the consulting business he was making about $ 2 million a year behind him.

His new job as a delivery worker provides him with the physical activity that he was sorely lacking in light of the closure and relieves him of endlessly checking the Internet.