An Indian woman has a baby girl under curfew and calls it Corona

It seems that the Corona pandemic caused people to become busy until some began to take strange and cynical behavior to entertain their time and reduce panic, but the strangest incident occurred, and it is considered one of the wonders in India, as an Indian man in the Gorakhpur district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh gave the name Corona to his daughter The baby girl, relative to the Coronavirus.

Corona, the name of the Indian baby, what is the reason?

As for the reason for naming the child as Corona, the family took a strange justification for launching it, as the family said that the reason for launching the name was due to the positive effect of the virus, which is to unite the world in the face of the epidemic.

The family indicated, in its press interview, that the child would be a symbol of the unity of people in India to fight evil.

Coronavirus has other benefits:

The Indian daily Roznamah Dunya stated that my newborn father explained that the reason behind this label is that although the virus has killed thousands of people, and this is one of its most prominent defects, there are some benefits from it, such as that all peoples have gathered because of it, and it is a sign of people’s solidarity and solidarity with each other.

Corona was born at the time of curfew:

The baby’s aunt stated that Corona was born, during the time of the curfew, and at that time they faced great difficulty in bringing her mother to the hospital. Like Corona.

It is worth noting that the authorities in the state of India announced, today, Thursday, the registration of 42 new cases of the new Coronavirus, Covid 19, in addition to 4 deaths, and the Indian Prime Minister announced the complete closure of the country for a period of 21 days, and the railways in India canceled each Passenger train services in the country until March 31 due to the Coronavirus outbreak.