Because his wife loves to travel: a Nigerian builds a house in the form of a plane

At first glance, you will talk to yourself. When you see this building, you will say, “This is a plane.” It technically looks like a plane, but it really is a house.

Located in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, this unusual house is the brainchild of a local man, Saeed Jamal, who built the house for his six children and wife, Lisa, who “loves to travel,” according to the Insider website.

According to this, the construction of the three-story house was started in 1999. “It is not a real plane that has been converted into a house,” said Jamal, who works in the construction industry, but a concrete structure was built to look like a plane, with the green and white design of the flag. Nigerian on one side of the tail, and Lebanese rice on the other. “

The unusual house includes a guest house, a mosque, a swimming pool, a garden, a lot of trees, a covered area for cars, an entrance gate.
Inside the house, there are many living rooms, bedrooms, and even a place to sit. Where Jamal built a miniature model of the house inside the home office as well.

Muhammad Saeed Jamal, the son of the owner of the house, said he was about 12 years old when the family started building the house. He added that the children were helping to build every day after school, as some work at home was still going on, 11 years after the start of work.
Jamal also hopes that his home, which is in the form of an airplane, will be a legacy he can leave to the people of Nigeria. And to become a tourist attraction in Abuja.