After half a century in existence: Extracting a coin from the nose of a patient

Day after day, many strange and unexpected things that doctors extract from patients’ bodies are monitored.

This time, doctors in Moscow extracted a foreign body, a coin, from the nose of a 59-year-old man who had accompanied him almost his entire life.

The patient complained about the interruption of nasal breathing strongly, and after performing the necessary examination it was found that one of the patient’s nasal passages was completely blocked by a foreign body.

The man immediately underwent surgery, during which the foreign body was removed from the nasal cavity, with cleaning as a result of the deposition of phosphate salts and calcium carbonate from the nasal mucus around the foreign body that entered the nose, and it turned out that the foreign body is a coin.

Foreign body extraction
As the man remembers, according to his statements, he inserted it in his nose when he was six years old, and at the time he was afraid to tell his parents about the accident.

During this month, a medical team in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was surprised by foreign bodies in the stomach of a patient suffering from pain and swelling in the abdomen, before it became clear to them that he had swallowed hundreds of nails and pieces of glass, in a rare incident caused by a mental illness he suffers from.

And a number of press reports stated that doctors at East Jeddah Hospital received the patient and began traditional examinations to find out the cause of the pain he was suffering in his stomach before the clinical and radiological examinations led them to the presence of a large number of nails and glass inside the patient’s stomach.

The medical team was forced to perform emergency surgical work on the patient, to extract those nails and pieces of glass under general anesthesia, which was successfully completed, with a total of 230 nails and pieces of glass.

The medical team overseeing the patient’s condition said in press statements that he is in a stable condition and is currently undergoing psychological treatment.

Earlier, a medical team at Al-Noor Specialized Hospital in Makkah was able to extract a toothbrush from the stomach of the twenties laparoscopically without surgical intervention.

In the details monitored by the press reports, the woman came to the hospital emergency department as a result of swallowing a toothbrush during the tooth-cleaning process, when she was brushing her teeth and brushing her tongue, and when she tried to extract it with her hand from her throat, she pushed her by mistake.

Immediately, the case was examined with x-rays, which did not show any signs, so a CT scan was made that showed the presence of a foreign body and a toothbrush inside the stomach cavity, and immediately the patient entered the operating room, after what the hospital found that when she was trying to extract it from her throat, she pushed her into the esophagus and descended Stomach.