She quarreled with her husband and tried to commit suicide in the strangest way she might abandon

An Egyptian woman tried to commit suicide after a quarrel with her husband, by throwing herself in a fountain in the First Settlement area, before the Egyptian security services could save her.

Which caused a state of mockery across the various social media platforms for the way it did.

Among the comments that came: “How do you commit suicide in a fountain?”, While another said: “Suicide is forbidden, but it is strange, how did you think about suicide and also in a fountain ?!”

In his statements to the Egyptian press, the director of the capital’s investigations, Major General Nabil Salim, said that he had received a notification from the head of the investigations of the First Assembly Police Department stating that he had detected a suicide attempt in a fountain in the Al-Rehab area, and immediately the security forces moved and found that a woman threw herself inside the fountain in an attempt to get rid of her life Because of her suffering from a bad psychological condition and a quarrel with her husband.

Mrs. Wajar was rescued, and the necessary legal measures were taken regarding the incident, and a report on the incident was edited and opened.

The investigations revealed that the woman in her thirties is married and has a family of 3 children, and a security source explained that family disputes arose between the spouses, and as a result, the woman left the house and tried to commit suicide inside the fountain near her home.

The source indicated that the families and administrative security personnel managed to rescue her and informed the police, who came to the scene of the incident and summoned the husband who apologized to his wife, and a memorandum of the incident was issued, and it was referred to the Public Prosecution, which took legal measures.

By summoning the husband and discussing with him, he confirmed that a family dispute broke out with his wife, which angered her. She left the apartment and the husband apologized to his wife, a warrant was drawn up, and the woman returned to her home.