A healthy dog is put down so it can be buried next to its owner


It’s perceivable that animal lovers would wish to be buried by their pets after they pass; particularly for those individuals whose pet is their sole companion within the world.

Pet house owners have the choice to be buried aboard their pet at a pet necropolis and a few states enable animals to be buried next to them in cemeteries for humans.

But one pet owner has caused outrage once requesting in her can that her healthy dog places down and arranged to rest next to her once she dies.

When the girl died, her beloved Shi Tzu combines Emma was utterly healthy however due to the request in her owner’s can, she was placed down.

After her owner’s death Emma was taken to an animal shelter in Virginia where staff pleaded with authorities not to carry out the woman’s wishes, according to CNN.

Dog’s ashes placed in an urn and buried next to owner

“We did counsel they might sign the dog over on varied occasions, as a result of it’s a dog we tend to might simply realize a home for and re-home,” Carrie Jones, manager of Chesterfield Animal Services told CNN affiliate WWBT.

But despite the requests from animal shelter employees, Emma was placed down at a veterinary, then cremated associated her ashes were placed in an urn and buried next to her owner.