Burger King to Roll Out Impossible Whopper Nationwide: Find Out When You Can Give It a Try!


Ordering associate degree not possible Whopper at Burger King is getting ready to get a full ton easier. although the fast-food chain has been testing the feeder possibility in numerous markets across the country for months, it’ll presently be offered the least bit restaurants within u. s.

The Burger King Twitter account confirmed the forthcoming enlarged unleash on Thursday, August 1, writing: “A huge deal simply became an even bigger deal. The not possible Whopper is accessible nationwide beginning 8/8.”

However, a announcement particularization the not possible Whopper’s close nationwide debut noted that the meatless war the chain’s painting hamburger – that options a flame-grilled patty made up of plants flat-topped with freshly sliced tomatoes and onions, crisp lettuce, creamy salad dressing, cetchup and zesty pickles on a cooked flavoring staff of life – won’t be around forever.

“We area unit extremely excited to be able to supply our new not possible Whopper to our guests across the country at associate degree unbeatable worth for a restricted time,” same North yank president of the Burger King Corporation, Chris Finazzo. “Since we tend to 1st launched our market tests in St. prizefighter in Apr, and later in six alternative markets across the country, we’ve detected nice feedback and grasp the not possible Whopper appeals to each current guests UN agency area unit already huge fans of the Whopper sandwich, similarly as new guests UN agency area unit excited regarding this new choice.”

To mark the launch, Burger King created a video that shows fans waiting in line for the grand gap of what they thought was an eating-house that solely served not possible burgers. the surface of the eatery appeared like associate degree not possible foods eating the house, however, it had been extremely a Burger King outpost in disguise, wherever customers discovered they may currently purchase associate degree not possible Whopper at over seven,000 Bk locations across the country.

“I’m therefore excited. I’ve been looking ahead to this,” aforementioned one excited patron within the video. “I’ve been stalking Burger King.”