French’s Launches ‘Surprising Yet Delicious’ Mustard Ice Cream — And We Tried It!


Looking for a way to celebrate National Mustard Day on Saturday, August 3? Look no further than French’s newly released mustard ice cream, which debuted on Wednesday, July 31, in advance of the annual holiday.

The limited-edition afters was developed with Coolhaus frozen dessert to collect 2 all-American classics, frozen dessert, and mustard, in a very stunning nonetheless delicious giving. Served with Associate in Nursing related cracker cookie, the frozen dessert is slated to be accessible in la and the big apple town for a restricted time starting weekday, August 1.

French’s, that has been manufacturing mustard for overrun a century, is delivering its daring, one-of-a-kind flavor paired with Coolhaus’ experience in developing creative creations, to bring everybody the right summer treat. The unlikely collab was designed to let Americans fancy mustard in a very means it’s ne’er been seen before.

“As lovers of sweet-meets-savory, pure ingredients, and distinctive creations, we tend to square measure implausibly excited to be collaborating with French’s Mustard in making this one-of-a-kind product,” Natasha Case, Coolhaus’s chief operating officer, and founder, aforesaid in very promulgation. “It’s been therefore fun to explore this classic flavoring {in a|during a|in Associate in Nursing exceedingly|in a very} whole new means and make Associate in Nursing lingering thoughtfully-crafted frozen dessert flavor with an All-American style.”

Us Weekly was lucky enough to urge a sneak peek of the distinctive food item and provides it an attempt. whereas the mustard style was clear and therefore the bright color was a small amount off-putting for frozen dessert traditionalists, the frozen dessert itself wasn’t as strange as we tend to expect. In fact, it had been unexpectedly sweet and, in its own means, refreshing.

However, mustard haters ought to apprehend that there’s a lingering aftersensation of the brilliant yellow flavoring, therefore if you don’t like mustard this most likely isn’t the frozen dessert for you.

Eager to strive some mustard frozen dessert for yourself? Coolhaus’s location in Culver town, Golden State can have the attention-grabbing treat out there for purchasers to undertake on August a pair of to four and August nine to eleven to celebrate National Mustard Day on the West Coast. New Yorkers will rummage around for the French’s Mustard frozen dessert truck on the streets of latest York town on Lammas and a couple of, before the vehicle makes its answer to the Hamptons on August three.

More specifically, the large Apple-based truck is slated to be at John Davison Rockefeller Center, newspaper publisher Tower and Columbus Circle on Lammas. On Friday, August 2, the truck can build stops in Brooklyn Heights and Madison sq. Park and by Sat, August 3, it’ll be at Main Beach in East jazz musician.