Grieving husband invites public to wife’s funeral after she was killed in the El Paso shooting


Margie Reckard, 63, was one of the 22 victims who died in the El Paso shooting on August 3.

Now, her husband, Antonio Basco, has invited the public to attend her funeral, which will be held in El Paso, on Friday, August 16.

The couple had no family in town and though family members will be coming, Antonio wanted to welcome others to celebrate his wife’s life.

“When I met her she was associate degree angel and he or she still is,” Antonio told KFOX shortly once the deadly shooting. “I was speculated to be the robust one, however, I knew I’m the weak one, and she’s about to be lost plenty.”

The couple was married for 22 years.

Antonio delineates Margie because the “brains of the family” and aforesaid their life was sort of a fairytale.

“I simply feel it and after we 1st met, that feeling came to everyone in all United States, to every different, and we’ve been along ever since,” he said. “We were gonna live along and die along that was our set up.”

Now, he wants to honor her.

On Tuesday, on behalf of Antonio, Perches mortuary invited the general public to attend Margie’s ceremonial services.

“We need to impart the individuals of the metropolis as a result of while not them I don’t grasp what we’d have done,” Margie’s relative-in-law Hilda Nuzzi, WHO is traveling to the metropolis for the ceremonial, said. “Everyone is superb.”

According to KTSM, Margie was born in Washington, D.C., had 3 youngsters, and solely recently captive to Lone-Star State.

Margie’s services will be held at Perches Funeral Home Northeast on 4946 Hondo Pass on August 16 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. For those who wish to pay their respects, but cannot attend the funeral home is accepting cards and will deliver them to Antonio.